Tempo Timesheets Course Details

Tempo Timesheets User tutorials

  • How to log your time?
  • How to use the Tracker?
  • How to check your logged work?
  • How to send your logwork for approval and follow the approval process?
  • How to log expenses and when should you use that?

Tempo Timesheets Team Lead tutorials

  • Building your team
  • Logging time on behalf of your team members
  • Managing logworks of your team with approval process
  • Managing team permissions
  • Analyzing the performance of your team and browsing the data
  • Managing billable and non-billable hours
  • Creating meaningful reports

Tempo Timesheets Admin tutorials

  • Managing your customers and accounts
  • Controlling access rights and permissions
  • Managing your staff
  • Managing periods
  • Remaining configuration settings
  • Explaining Tempo App settings for Jira Admins

Additional materials

  • FAQ + Tips & Tricks