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Managing projects and portfolios is a responsible and complex activity that has to include a lot of not-so-obvious factors contributing to the result. To list some of them: building plans, managing resources, monitoring the progress, maintaining the right information flow, boosting teams' collaboration, and producing reports. What's more, each of these elements will have a different meaning for most of us, because we are not trying to put things together from scratch, but adapt what we already have. There is a vision and we want to achieve it, but are not sure which tool will be the best for our specific set of requirements. Well, this is where we come in. We're working with many project management tools on the market and if you're looking for someone to help you do the analysis and pick the best tool for your needs, look no further!

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Time & Money

You will save precious time and money by hiring experts. You won't have to spend countless hours on looking for the perfect solution, because we will do that for you, but also with you!

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We will help you gather requirements and based on them recommend not only the best tool for you, but also suggest the best approach to its implementation and adoption.

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Low risk, high reward

Tool analysis often fails at details that matter. We know where to look to spot those high-risk places and include them in our reports, so that you can avoid costly mistakes.

Experience at work

We've been working with project management throughout all of our carriers: analyzing business requirements, coordinating projects, managing projects, and project teams, and working with stakeholders, sponsors, C-level participants.
We have both theoretical and practical knowledge in managing different types of projects, using different methodologies.

Now we're putting this knowledge and experience to use by helping companies find their way in this complicated environment. Our goal is to make project management, easy, accessible and informative. We put a lot of effort into maintaining the best level of communication and delivering the highest possible results.

We care for our employees giving them enough time to grow and balance their lives with work. We have a 4-day work week, with 1 day being a gift to the employee, for whatever is needed at this time.
We also deeply care about the world and we share 10% of all our profits with charities, our way to contribute and change our environment and people that surround us.

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We are a team of professionals with extensive experience and a crystal clear mission to bring to you the best possible services and experience our innovative tranining. We always listen to hear, look to see and work with passion to deliver top quality.


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