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Implementing BigPicture is a process and we own it.
Get the most out of the tool while focusing on the adoption.
Make sure that the change process is smooth and that users are happy with a new solution!

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Why you should condider BigPicture implementation support?

BigPicture is an amazing tool. It has a lot to offer: allows you to work agile, waterfall, and hybrid, manage resources and risks, work with SAFe, use simple and advanced reporting, do skill-based planning, team-based planning, and a lot more. But changing project management tools is always a challenge and you get only one chance to do it right. Instead of experimenting with it, why not just leave it to the PROs? We've been implementing BigPicture since 2016 and we have a proven process that we've been improving throughout the years. It has never let us down and we guarantee that we can help you get the job done without any hiccups.
BigPicture training costs

Time & Money

You will save precious time and money by letting us help you learn how to set up and use the tool, instead of experimenting.

BigPicture training concepts

Strategies & templates

We work with your specific requirements, not the general approach. We will help you focus on what's important and we will prepare templates for you to re-use in the future.


We use BigPicture day-to-day and we share our solutions, pointing out what works and hot to utilize each functionality so that you don’t have to make your own mistakes.

Enjoy the best quality training with the most experienced BigPicture partner in the world.

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Complete overview of BigPicture

Why migrate from MS Project to BigPicture

Trust professionals, choose BigPicture implementation with Genius Gecko!

  • Working closely with BigPicture since 2005
  • BigPicture Certified trainers
  • 60+ trained customers
  • 20+ successful BigPicture implementations
  • Authors of the only available BigPicture video training
  • Chosen by BigPicture to train other partners
BigPicture training certified coach

Tom Pabich

CEO of Genius Gecko

Our BigPicture implementation is our best offer. We’ve perfected it in many implementation sessions with our great customers.
Today we have a proven implementation workflow that allows us to deliver the best possible experience. We focus on functionality, but also user
adoption. Thanks to our broad experience we know what’s needed to get it right from the start.
We never settle, always aim higher. I’m proud to say that we’ve never had a dissatisfied customer and we plan to keep it that way 🙂

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BigPicture implementation Content

Requirements gathering

We can't start without knowing what you need. That's why the very first thing that needs to happen is requirements gathering. We schedule sessions with all of your stakeholders to learn what they need and how it has to be delivered. This is where we get to know you better so that we can serve you to the best of our abilities.

BigPicture key-user training

With many users being able to access BigPicture and browse through the Jira data you need to know how to manage them to keep your data safe. Every BigPicture key-user or admin needs to know the in and outs of the tool. Having this knowledge will prove crucial to keeping the Jira instance clean, protecting your data, and providing users with flexibility and proper permissions.

BigPicture configuration

The main part of the job is to configure the tool according to your needs. This is where it happens. It's an iterative process and you're involved! We don't want to do it alone, because when we're gone, you need to know not only how things are done but also WHY. This also lays the groundwork for the next step, templating.

Building templates and reports

Successfully driving the adoption process has several crucial components and proper templates and reports are two of them. We make sure to include this as a part of the whole implementation so that using the tool becomes as easy as possible. With the templates, starting a new process is just a matter of several clicks!

End-user training

BigPicture end-users, being read-only, need to know how to navigate the software properly too. They should know where the data comes from, how is it connected, and how to get the most out of it. They also need to know how to use templates and what are the DOs and DONTs of the current configuration. We make sure to provide them with all the necessary information.

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