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Do you know that most of the companies we’re working with use only a fraction of Jira and Confluence functionalities?
These are amazing tools that are rarely used to their full potential. Do you want to do it right?

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Jira Workflow configuration? Custom automation? Or maybe...

We offer a wide range of Jira and Confluence services focused on enhancing your work environment and making it more efficient, automated, and easier to use. Our experts have experience in all kinds of services, from simple changes to complex customizations, upgrades, and even migration.
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Config and Custom

We turn your ideas into reality. More efficient workflow? Automated fields? Self-propagating estimates? Useful task templates? Smart user notifications? Automatic workflow functions? You name it!

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Upgrades and migration

If you're still working with a server version of Jira, you will want to move to the cloud or Data Center at some point. We help companies do as efficiently as possible.

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Professional training

If they are not already, Jira and Confluence, in time, will be your mission-critical tools. You need admins who know how to take care of them and protect your information. You also want the users to utilize all the important functionalities. That's what our training focuses on.

Enjoy the best quality services with an experienced partner.

  • Your needs are our priority. We’re good at listening!
  • You get our best recommendation, highlighting the pros and cons to make conscious decisions.
  • Your delivery process is agile, done iteratively, allowing you to make changes as we go
  • You’ll always know what’s the current status. We care for perfect communication.
  • The services are delivered by senior, experienced Jira/Confluence admins.
  • Your crew is trained to help them reach their full potential in Jira and Confluence.

Trust professionals, choose Genius Gecko!

  • Working with Jira and Confluence since 2015
  • Jira and Confluence certified experts
  • Experienced admins with many years of successful deliveries
  • Proven process of identifying and implementing changes
  • Flawless track record
  • Trusted by others all around the world
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Tom Pabich

CEO of Genius Gecko

We have a culture of caring about our customers and employees in an equal manner. This way we make sure that the quality of our services is top-notch, delivered by enthusiastic and knowledgeable people. We hire only professionals with a positive and growth-oriented mindset to create the best possible environment for everyone to thrive.

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