Tempo Planner Course Details

Welcome to Tempo Planner

  • What are the features of Tempo Planner
  • Where to go to plan your resources
  • How Planner is connected with Tempo Timesheets (Accounts, Teams)
  • Comparison to BigPicture

What is the difference between Tempo Planner and Tempo Timesheets?

  • The main difference
  • Tempo Timesheets and standard Jira Log Time functionality
  • Tempo Planner’s purpose

How to plan your time – quick lesson to start you up

  • Adding an work plan
  • My Work panel, work logs and plans
  • Issue details View

Setting up your Teams

  • Teams
  • Permissions & Roles for Team Members

Manage your resources – individual planning work for Teams

  • Resource planning panel, planning time for team members
  • Filters
  • Available hours and time
  • Issue picker
  • Switching the view to weeks and essential information
  • The calendar and different views
  • Reports and Planned Time Report
  • Timeline
  • The Program board
  • The issue Picker information and general tips

Working with Accounts

  • How is Tempo organised around Customers and Accounts?
  • Smart way of creating Accounts?
  • Account settings
  • Accounts Categories & Types
  • Dashboard & adding Gadgets
  • General information & tips
  • Revenue panel & features
  • Price Table Settings
  • Time and Expenses

How to get meaningful reports out of Tempo Planner?

  • Creating Time Planed Report
  • Other functionalities and Project Planed Time Panel

Configuration settings for power users and admins

  • Quick information about Internal Issues, Logging Time, Planning Time, Work Attributes, Custom Fields and UI Preferences
  • Permission Overview & Global Permissions
  • Other settings & information

Tempo Planner or BigPicture?

  • Pros & Cons of both tools

Summary and additional resources

  • General Summary & Additional Information