Structure, Gantt and Cross-Team PI Planner LIVE Training Standard Agenda

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We believe that to deliver the best value we need to stay flexible and adjust the content of every training to customers’ needs. But you always have to start somewhere, so whenever we are delivering the live training this is our standard agenda to consider. Please note that this is a 3-day training. For 2-day training sessions, we skip all the workshop tasks which takes away the practical part of the training.

Day 1

  • Introduction to Structure ecosystem
    • Different Structure Apps and their use
      • Structure
      • Structure.Gantt
      • Cross-Team PI Planner
    • Concept of Structures
  • Main Structure features
    • Structure-Jira synchronization
    • Navigating Structure UI
    • Setting up Structures
    • Creating Issues hierarchy
    • Different types of columns, and how to use them
    • Discussing reporting possibilitiesĀ 
    • Practice scenarios
  • Waterfall approach in Structure.Gantt
    • Use of Gantt to create timelines
    • Types and behavior of dependencies
    • Resource management in Structure
    • Structure.Gantt configuration and advanced planning
    • Practice scenarios
  • Agile approach in Structure
    • Planning using a basic approach using Jira and Structure
    • Planning using the advanced approach with Cross-Team PI Planner
    • Agile resource management
    • Cross-Team PI Planner setup and configuration
    • Practice scenarios
  • Discussing advanced setups
    • Hybrid approach using Structure Apps
    • Program and Project Portfolio in Structure
  • Apps Configuration and Administration settings
  • Q&A

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