Introducing PMO at TV Apps Company

Introducing PMO at TV Apps Company 1280 811 Tom Pabich

My visit to Netherlands last year was an interesting one. I’ve been invited there to help a company creating TV apps implement BigPicture. The consulting days were preceded with pre-recorded online training of BigPicture for the whole team, so that we can talk about advanced things from the get go. Watch the video to learn more, or scroll down for a written summary.

At the beginning they asked for a live training and implementation, but that turned out to be a little too expensive which is why we’ve significantly cut down the costs by going into pre-recorded training, which they bought 1 month prior to my visit, and then for 2 days of implementation consulting on site. This way they were able to save $1750 and still have the same value in the end. It also saved my time, which is an additional benefit 🙂

During the implementation days my job was to learn hat they are doing and how and to help them set up BigPicture in a way that benefits them the most.

Some of the challenges we had to face:

  • Jira has already been in use for several years and the project structure was not to be changed.
  • Some people are going to be using the tool occasionally, so we had to make the setup as easy as possible.
  • One of the goals was to have a global view of all the projects currently happening in the company.
  • We were supposed to build the structure for both agile and waterfall teams.
  • They wanted to be able to manage resources across projects.
  • They wanted the tool to work together with Tempo plugins.

As a result:

  • We’ve obviously had to go with not only BigPicture but also with BigPicture Enterprise due to the requirement of synching with Tempo plugins but also because they were into advanced resource management and the Enterprise version of BigPicture has an important feature for this (showing tasks from all programs in one view).
  • We’ve spent a lot of time on figuring out the best way to manage resources. Even though BigPicture is quite robust in this area we still had to make some compromises.
  • We had to figure out a way of reusing the same items in both agile and waterfall approaches to make it less confusing for the people working mostly with the global view.
  • We’ve kept the original project structure intact, focusing our efforts on finding the best way of creating filters aggregating the scope data.
  • We’ve created a template program with all necessary features and configuration for everyone to use. This allowed for easy adoption of the tool for those that use it occasionally, and they loved it.

All in all a couple of fantastic days in Amsterdam, not only in the office, but also in the city itself, it’s wonderful streets, restaurants and bikes… lots of bikes!

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