BigPicture Course Details

  1. Welcome message
    • Why have we created this training?
    • Who is it for?
    • How is it structured?
  2. Introduction to BigPicture
    • Summary of new features coming with BigPicture version 8
    • Introduction to BigPicture concept. Why should you use it? Why do we like it?
    • Sneak-peak into all the modules that will be covered during the full course.
  3. MAIN screen and BOXES
    • All you need to know about the HOME view
    • Creating new Projects or Boxes
      • Creating new Boxes
      • Using different types of Boxes
      • Creating Box hierarchy
    • Defining scope of the Box
      • Adding single tasks
      • Defining scope of the Box
      • Modifying scope of the Box
    • Configuring Box Types
      • What are Box types?
      • Who can edit them?
      • Different configuration options and their meaning
    • Overview Module
  4. Gantt Module
    • Introduction to Gantt
    • Hierarchy in BigPicture
    • Adding tasks to Gantt
    • Using Basic Tasks
    • Using Task Templates
    • Cloning functionality
    • Import functionality
    • Sorting
    • Task Period Mode
    • Using Baselines feature
    • Grouping functionality
    • Task progress and Overdue tasks
    • Critical Path
    • Task coloring
    • Gantt connections (dependencies)
    • Exporting to file
    • Intro to column views
    • Using Markers
    • Filtering data
    • Taskbar navigation and features
  5. Column views settings for Gantt and Scope modules
  6. Using Scenarios – new feature of BigPicture 8
    • What are Scenarios for?
    • How to create a scenario and what can be modified in it?
    • How to merge the scenario with the Live plan?
  7. Quick filters and how to use them
  8. Building your hierarchy with Structure Builders
    • Setting up Structure Builders to effortlessly build your WBS
    • Insights into problems you can encounter with different setup
  9. Gantt module key points and use cases
    • A shorter summary of key functionalities and use cases of the Gantt module
  10. Scope module
    • The concept behind Scope Module
    • Managing your view
    • Working with the data
  11. Resources Module and Team Module with administration settings influencing the capacity and skills
    • Concept behind the Resources module
    • Team-based planning
    • Individual-based planning
    • Skill-based planning
    • Data aggregation feature
    • Managing local and global teams
    • Different ways of influencing capacity
    • Managing workload and holiday plans
    • Working with original estimate, remaining estimate, and story points
    • Insights into your resource planning process with Resources tab
  12. Resources module key points and use cases
    • Shorter summary of key functionalities and use cases of the Resources module
  13. Risks Module with administration settings
    • Creating risks and adding them to the risk matrix
    • Explanation of the risk card concept
    • Risk management process with BigPicture
    • Insight into different approaches to creating and managing risks in BigPicture
  14. Risk card and task card customization
    • Explanation of possible configuration of risk and task cards
  15. Board Module
    • The concept behind the Board module
    • Managing backlogs and working with the agile schedule
    • Managing teams capacity
    • Synchronizing agile schedule with sprints or other Jira fields
    • Insights into the recommended process of working with the Board
  16. Synchronizing your Board and Box data with Jira Sprints and other fields
  17. Roadmap Module
    • The concept behind the roadmap module
    • Defining objectives for your agile schedule and teams
    • Objectives workflow explained
    • The concept of stretch objectives explained
    • Insights into using the Roadmap module for non-agile or non-SAFe companies
  18. Reports Module
    • Viewing reports
    • Creating reports
  19. Calendar Module
    • What is the Calendar Module and how to use it
  20. BigPicture Enterprise features
    • Additional reporting on Board and Roadmap Modules
    • Cross-Program resource planning
    • Integration with Tempo add-ons
    • Other functionalities brought by BigPicture Enterprise
  21. BigPicture Admin and Jira Admin Settings
    • Explanation of additional BigPicture and Jira Adin settings not explained in other modules.
  22. Security Settings
    • Security approach of BigPicture
    • Explanation of different security levels
  23. BigPicture Implementation Process
    • The recommended implementation process of BigPicture Implementation based on our experience
    • Insights into different stages of the implementation
  24. Program and Portfolio in BigPicture
    • Managing the structure of your projects in BigPicture and Jira
    • Insights into different approaches and our recommendation
  25. Decide on your Box strategy
    • Different strategies to creating BigPicture Boxes
    • Insights into the pros and cons of each strategy, helping you pick the right one for you
  26. SAFe approach key modules and their use
    • Working with BigPicture in SAFe methodology
    • Insights into the usefulness of different modules and the recommended approach
  27. Sum-up and other resources
    • Short summary of the training
    • Additional useful resources worth reading or visiting
    • Thank you message to all attendees