Mastering Resource Management in Jira with BigPicture: A Comprehensive Guide

Mastering Resource Management in Jira with BigPicture: A Comprehensive Guide 2560 1440 Tom Pabich


Resource management is a critical aspect of project management, ensuring that teams are efficiently allocated and projects are delivered on time. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore how to effectively manage resources in Jira using the powerful BigPicture PPM software. We will dive into a demo configuration for a customer who requires planning and monitoring resources on a monthly basis. While different companies have varying approaches to resource management, this example will showcase one specific method that can be adapted to suit your organization’s needs.

Monthly Resource Planning

Creating Monthly Boxes

The first step in setting up monthly resource planning in BigPicture is to create boxes representing each month (1-12) in the main screen. These boxes serve two essential purposes:

a. Dividing Data: By creating monthly boxes, you can easily divide your project data into manageable monthly chunks. This segmentation allows for better organization and tracking of resources, tasks, and progress throughout the year.

b. Synchronizing with Jira: BigPicture seamlessly synchronizes these monthly boxes with Jira, enabling you to assign tickets to specific months. This synchronization ensures that your project data is always up to date and accurately reflected in both BigPicture and Jira.

Utilizing the Board Module

The Board module in BigPicture is an intuitive and user-friendly tool for resource planning, particularly suited for agile teams. Here’s how you can leverage the Board module for effective resource management:

a. Team Assignment: Start by assigning issues to specific teams, such as DevOps and ERP. Each team will have a dedicated swimlane on the board, providing a clear visual representation of their workload.

b. Estimations: Assign estimates to each issue using hours, man-days, or story points. This estimation helps in understanding the effort required for each task and aids in capacity planning.

c. Capacity Allocation Indicators: BigPicture provides capacity allocation indicators that show how well teams are being utilized in specific months. These indicators give you an at-a-glance view of whether teams are over, under, or optimally allocated.

d. Drag and Drop Functionality: The Board module allows you to easily drag and drop issues between teams to reallocate tasks and adjust capacity. This intuitive interface makes it simple to balance workloads and ensure optimal resource utilization.

e. Team-Level Planning: Planning in the Board module is available only at the team level, which is typical for the agile approach. This focus on team-level planning promotes collaboration and flexibility within the agile framework.

Leveraging the Gantt Module

For organizations working in a hybrid environment, combining agile and traditional project management methodologies, the Gantt module in BigPicture offers a valuable perspective. Here’s how you can utilize the Gantt module for resource management:

a. Visualizing Tasks: The Gantt chart provides a timeline view of your project, allowing you to visualize tasks and their dependencies. By enabling the display of monthly divisions, you can clearly see which tasks are assigned to each month.

b. Assigned Month Field: BigPicture introduces an “Assigned Month” field that indicates the month to which each issue belongs. This field is visible both in BigPicture and Jira, providing transparency and consistency across the two platforms.

c. Hybrid Approach: The Gantt module caters to companies that adopt a hybrid approach, combining elements of agile and waterfall methodologies. It provides a high-level overview of the project timeline while still allowing for the flexibility of agile practices.

Harnessing the Power of the Resources Module

For advanced resource management capabilities, the Resources module in BigPicture is your go-to tool. This module offers a range of features to help you optimize resource allocation and utilization:

a. Individual and Team Views: The Resources module allows you to switch between individual and team views, providing granular insights into resource availability and workload. This flexibility enables you to plan and manage resources at both the individual and team levels.

b. Monthly Data Aggregation: Data in the Resources module is aggregated per month, giving you a clear picture of resource utilization over time. This aggregation helps in identifying trends, peaks, and troughs in resource demand.

c. Capacity Based on Individual Capacities: Unlike the Board module, where capacity is defined at the team level, the Resources module calculates team capacity based on the sum of individual team member capacities. This approach provides a more accurate representation of the team’s overall capacity.

d. Workload Plans and Holiday Plans: BigPicture allows you to create workload plans to define the working hours and patterns of team members. You can also set up holiday plans to account for non-working days and ensure accurate capacity planning.

e. Absences and Modifiers: The Resources module enables you to track and manage absences, such as sick leaves or vacations. Additionally, you can apply modifiers to adjust the available capacity of team members based on factors like overhead or other commitments.

f. Task Rearrangement: With the Resources module, you can easily rearrange tasks between teams and individuals using drag-and-drop functionality. This flexibility allows you to optimize resource allocation and balance workloads across the project.

Unlock the Full Potential of BigPicture with Expert Implementation Services

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BigPicture is a versatile and powerful tool for resource management in Jira, catering to organizations with diverse project management approaches. Whether you work in an agile, waterfall, or hybrid environment, BigPicture offers a range of features to help you plan, monitor, and optimize your resources effectively.

By leveraging the monthly aggregation of data and the ability to assign tasks to specific months, you can gain a clear overview of your project’s progress and make informed decisions. The Board module simplifies resource planning for agile teams, while the Gantt module caters to hybrid approaches. The Resources module provides advanced capabilities for granular resource management, including individual and team views, workload plans, and absence tracking.

To explore how BigPicture can revolutionize your resource management processes, we invite you to reach out to our team of experts. We offer comprehensive training, implementation support, and consulting services to help you harness the full potential of BigPicture in your Jira environment.

Don’t let inefficient resource management hold back your projects. Embrace the power of BigPicture and take control of your resources today!

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