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1. BigPicture bacis concepts

We start with some basic concepts of BigPicture that lay out the groundwork for the rest of the knowledge. Knowing how BigPicture is connected to Jira, where the data is coming from or how time tracking is defined will help you kick off with the rest of the functionalities.

2. BigPicture waterfall and agile approaches

We follow up with real life examples of how to create boxes (projects), fill them up with data, control the scope and monitor the work progress in the waterfall or cascade approach to managing projects, which still is very popular in all industries. Then we also switch to the agile way of working with the tool, spending time on the board, planning sprints and monitoring sprint progress and exacution, tracking the dependencies. All done on a live environment, delivered step-by-step so that you can follow along.

3. BigPicture implementation sttrategy, tips and tricks

We finish upp with some crucial insights into BigPicture implementation and adoption strategy based on years of our experience. Also, all along the course we make sure to give you many valuable tips on all the important functionalities we discuss, so that you understand the pros and cons of different setup options. Designed to help you kick off your BigPicture journey!