BigPicture full-scope training with exercises

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1. BigPicture user training

BigPicture standard users, editors, project creators, or portfolio managers – they need to know how to navigate the software properly, where the data comes from, how is it connected and how to get the most out of it. We make sure that your Project Managers, Team Leaders and others get a proper dose of knowledge to take BigPicture and outperform other project management software.

2. BigPicture admin training

With many users being able to access BigPicture and browse through the Jira data you need to know how to manage them in order to keep you data safe. Every Jira admin will also benefit from additional BigPicture settings (accessible only to them) being explained. Having this knowledge will prove crucial to keeping the Jira instance clean, protecting your data and providing users with flexibility and proper permissions.

3. BigPicture configuration strategy

Going through the available modules we make sure to provide as many insights regarding the functionality as we can. We even go further and we’ve recorded videos dedicated to this topic, where we talk about different approaches of setting up the tool, providing you with good and bad sides of each solutions, so that you can take it, add to your company structure/processes and come up with the best possible solution.

4. Tips and tricks for cool functionalities

We know that BigPicture is already quite a robust solution, and it will keep growing (the team working on it is huge and highly motivated). That’s why we want to make sure, that you can get as much as you can from it. Some of the functionalities are not that obvious, some can be used in a non-standard way, and some have their important limitations, that you want to know. We make sure to cover all of this. We are sure that some of these functionalities will brighten your day.

5. Practice scenarios to help you grow

At the end of the day, you’ve learned only as much as you can actually do and apply in your life, or work. This is why we don’t stop at the videos, and we also deliver a list of simple, yet important exercises to do after every main module. Going through them will hopefully challenge you at some point and help you solidify your knowledge. You will also feel more confident with the tool itself.